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Samsung's High-Capacity V-NAND Memory Is Perfect For Massive SSDs

Just over four years since it unveiled the first 3D vertical NAND memory, Samsung has developed its first 1 terabit (Tb) V-NAND chip. The flash memory technology, used in devices ranging from smartphones to digital cameras, will launch next year. As its name suggests, V-NAND boasts a vertically stacked structure with greater density than memory cells placed on a single, 2D plane. The result is more speed, up to ten times more reliability, and less chance of a breakdown. As with its 256 gigabit consumer SSDs, Samsung's new chips will probably find their way into your next laptop, and maybe even future phones. That's not all, Samsung also announced that the 1Tb chip will enable a single V-NAND package with 2 terabytes of memory capacity. As you might have guessed, that could mean more bang for your buck when it comes to SSDs for home PCs.

For those unfamiliar with the manufacturer's semiconductor business, there's really one thing you need to know: Samsung is the world's largest chip-maker. Business is currently surging, as devices (including phones and cameras) increase their memory capacities. Just last month, Samsung opened a new semiconductor plant in its native Korea. Its clients include Apple, along with numerous Chinese manufacturers. And, of course, its chips are also used inside its own smartphones too.
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