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Top Micro Freelancing Job Sites To Earn Money From Home

Earn money online by doing Micro (Mini jobs)

Earning money from micro job sites is not much difficult. It does not need any special skill to complete a task. However, you have to follow certain instructions before doing your job correctly to score more point in order to get more tasks. You should be careful about that. There are many online sites offering to earn money by doing other people’s work. If you want to earn monthly 50$ or more by spending your little extra time internet then you must join with the genuine micro freelancing job sites.

What is micro freelancing jobs?

Micro freelancing jobs are mini jobs or small tasks,  outsourced by some employer who wants their job should be done by the employees , following their instructions. In this case either you love to help them by doing their tasks while earning some extra money or you may do it professionally to earn more money.

If you can do their job correctly , some times they may reward you extra bonus. And another benefit to keep your performance high is you may get lot of tasks comparative to other workers who has a low performance.

Best genuine micro freelancing job sites:

Now I am going to give you the best 5 micro job sites where you can join and earn money completing small tasks. And some sites may pay you through your PayPal account and some sites may pay you direct through your bank account.


The site Microworkers is one of the oldest mini job site in Internet. Here you will find very easy task to complete. Tasks are like, sign up in a website, giving a G+ like, bookmarking a site, posting in forum, Twitting a website, commenting on Youtube videos, downloading some applications or completing small surveys. Downloading some applications may pay you more but you may need a smart phone.

Never jump to do all jobs suddenly because you may commit lot of mistakes which may limit your jobs or make you a low performer. Initially complete the easy tasks to make your performance high then only you may expect lot of tasks in your account which will cause you to earn more. Once you earned $9 you may able to cash out your money. It is very easy to earn 2 or 3 dollars everyday with Microworkers by spending 30 minutes.

They will pay you through PayPal. But before getting payment they may verify your address by sending a pin. All you have to do , just update your real address in your profile and wait for your pin to come. Once you will get your pin number then fill up that number in Microworker site before doing cash out. Once it will be verified then, you have no problem to receive money forever. Now you can join with Microworker.


It is another micro job site like Microworkers. Here you will get tasks like commenting or liking Youtube videos, Facebook share or like, twitter posting, installing or downloading an applications, sign up in a website, bookmarking a website, voting or rating and commenting on blogs.

Tasks are easy to do. Anybody can do this work who has minimum experience in Internet. This site accepts members from all over the world. Some tasks are country specific and some tasks are International. If you are not a member from the specific country then you should choose the tasks which is available for international members.

Each task you do, you can earn upto $0.04 to $4. And you should accept the task, which you are confident to finish. Otherwise your work has no value, only wasting time. If you continuously do mistake with the tasks then it may raise flags which may lead your account terminations. Only you will be paid with the task which is marked satisfied by the employer. If an employer marked your completed tasks not satisfied then you will not be paid and those tasks will be deleted.

Workers may be paid when they earned minimum $5 through their PayPal account. Before that, they need to verify your address by sending a pin like Microworkers. Therefore you should update your real address through which you can receive the pin from Rapidworkers. Now you can join with Rapidworkers.


It is another micro task site.In order to complete tasks you must be a contributor to this network. Either you can sign up with Crowdflower directly through their website or you may be sign up with their partner sites like Clixsense, Neobux, Ojooo. Swagbucks.

If you have joined with Clixsense, then click on tasks and see the available jobs. If you find any available jobs, then try to complete one job. Before attempting any job they might need your registration with Crowdflower as a contributor. Or you can directly sign up with Crowdflower here.

Once you joined with Crowdflower, you will enter into level 0 contributor. Then if you complete 100 tasks successfully you will enter into level 1 employee. Again if you complete with 100 tasks with accuracy 80% above then you will enter into level 2 employee. Like that again if you complete 100 more tasks with accuracy 82% then you will enter into level 3 employee. The benefit of entering level 3 employee is , you will get many tasks to earn more money.  If you are new member of Crowdflower, then you will hardly get a task in their website , therefore it is very difficult to get 100 tasks to complete. But I will tell you, the tricks how can you complete 100 tasks initially to reach level 2 or 3.

First join 3 or 4 Crowdflower partner site, like Clixsense or Swagbucks. Sometimes they will provide you some easy tasks worth $0.01 to complete. Your aim is  to complete 100 tasks with high accuracy. Then you have to check their partner site for the available Crowdflower jobs everyday. Sometimes you will get one or two and sometimes you won’t but do not worry. Once you complete 100 tasks successfully your rating will be recorded in the Crowdflower website and you will reach level 2 employee. Next you can leave their partner websites and directly  log into Crowdflower website, there you will see, lot of available tasks. Now you can do that tasks carefully and reach the level 3. After that you will never be worry about finding the tasks. And each month you can earn $ 50 to $70 by spending some of your time. They will pay you through PayPal once you earned $10.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, is one of the best task sites from internet.  It is owned by the biggest online company Amazon. Then why a biggest company like Amazon provides tasks for humans when they can install certain script in computer to complete all tasks. Its because Amazon Mechanical Turk needs the human intelligence which can do the work more effectively than computers.

Tasks are like finding an object in a photo or image, find the category of the product, identifying a website whether it is suitable for general audience or not, writing a short article or transcribing audio recording. Tasks are known as Hits. Hit means human intelligence task and a Hit is a question which needs to be answered by the worker and then provide the proof to get rewarded by the requester(employer). Minimum cash out is $10 and you can withdraw your money through bank account or Amazon gift card. To know more about Amazon Mechanical Turk visit here.

Final words

Doing jobs in micro freelancing sites is a way to earn some additional income every month. You can not earn your living only depending on tasks. It is just for Some extra amount with your free time in every month.
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