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Best Online Website To Earn Free Mobile Recharge - Amulyam

Are You Looking For The Websites That Are Providing You With Free Mobile Recharge? In This Article I Had Mentioned One Of Sites Which Is Trusted And Genuine In Providing Free Recharge Balance To You. Read The Complete Article To Get Much Information Regarding This.

Hello Friends, Today I am going to tell you the best place to get free mobile recharge with fun. It is a website from where you can earn money and later on use that money for you mobile recharge. This website also entertains you with their fun loving stuff such as quiz, contest and games. Now I am going to introduce that website to you, it's Amulyam.
Amulyam is the web's smartest instant incentive marketing program it offers prepaid mobile recharge and movie tickets for free for doing what you already do online: buying flight tickets, registering on websites, shopping online, subscribing to matrimony or movie rental websites, applying for a loan, insurance, credit card...etc. The word 'Amulyam' means the invaluable or priceless in Sanskrit.

Today mobile phones are much required for communicating with others, for chatting with friends, playing games, downloading files, applications, etc. But you need to have an account balance in order to do above activities. You can get this mobile balance for free. There are many online sites that provide free mobile recharge at free of cost. Although there are many sites you cannot trust all sites. There are only a few sites which can be trusted. With my experience of being a member of few sites and having the benefit of free mobile recharge, I had provided the procedure to get free mobile recharge from Amulyam.

Amulyam Review:

Amulyam (means priceless in Sanskrit), as the name, indicates it provides free prepaid mobile recharge to its users. What you do online? you do shopping online, buy movie tickets, register on websites, apply for credit card, apply for loans, booking flight tickets, etc. If you do the same thing by joining this site you will get free mobile recharge from Amulyam.

How To Register:

Go to Amulyam.com and register there. You don't need to pay money for registration. Provide correct information while registering, and during this process, you need to provide details like email id, create a password, phone number, your name, date of birth, city, etc. Amulyam sends an email to your email id which includes a validation link. On clicking this link it takes you to Amulyam website which asks for SMS validation code (you will receive it to your mobile numbers specified during the registration process) and your personal details.

How To Get Wallet Balance:

  • By sharing videos through your Facebook account
  • By logging in daily into your Amulyam account
  • By participating in daily offers
  • By playing contests at Amulyam
  • By reading bonus emails
  • By reading jokes sent to your mail id
  • By creating contests
  • By uploading funny pics
  • By playing trivia game and building your vocabulary

Amulyam provides the above ways to fill your wallet. This is the only site that is providing yo with these many options to earn mobile recharge. Going in detail, by playing contests you can get up to Rs.10 daily. It is very easy to play contests. You need select one category and need to choose any contest which consists of a list of questions about a particular topic. Each question consists of options and if you choose the right option you will get money. For example, if you select cricket as a category, then all the contests related to cricket are displayed. Choose any contest from that and it will contain few questions. After answering all the questions the amount won by you is displayed.
After reading the above mentioned information you may get few doubts like:

What are bonus mails?/ How to earn money?

Bonus mails are emails that are sent to your mail address (mentioned during the registration process). Open those bonus emails and click on the link or image provided in that mail which redirects you to some other web page. After that, if you check your wallet balance it gets increased.

How to fill wallet by creating contests?

Amulyam is providing the facility to create contests by which you can earn some money for each question that is approved by Amulyam team. The more you create the contests the more you earn from this site.

Can we earn money by referring your friends?

Yes, you can earn money by sending your referral link to your friends. And when they join through your referral link you will earn Rs. 5 per joining. You can send the message to your friends and groups on Facebook messenger, and get Rs.5 when they join.

When can I recharge my mobile?

If your wallet balance reaches Rs. 10 you can do your recharge.

How much time it takes for recharging?

Generally, it takes very less time to get your recharge to be done successfully. Also, you get a confirmation message from Amulyam team about the recharge. Amulyam supports operators like Airtel, Idea, Aircel, Tata Docomo, LOOP, BSNL, Virgin, Vodafone, Reliance(CDMA).

How to change the password?

At the top of the page, you can find the change password option with which you can change your password.

You Can Also Send This Referral Link To Your Friends: http://bit.ly/1p7grLN

Note: As per the Amulyam policies, it does not allow multiple accounts. If it finds any such accounts then all those accounts are cancelled even though they contain recharge balance. So please don't do such activities against its policies.
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