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Flipkart Cheating Customers By Increasing MRP & Then Giving Discount

Gone are the days when people used to shop with big bags on hands and have to go on foot to local markets for buying things at a cheaper and rather affordable price. With the changing time, trends also change and in the 21st era, it’s online shopping that has replaced retail shopping to a great extent.

What makes online shopping a better option is that you can see all the products, compare prices, pick colors and design of your choices as well as make a comparison of the product’s cost in various sites and this all at the comfort of the bed of your room or couch or your drawing room; here what I mean to say is that just sit relaxed and enjoy almost everything at ease from your home only! So no hassle of changing dress, tolerate unfavorable weather conditions, conveyance cost etc. and things come to you with just a click!

As we all know, Flipkart is one of the best and biggest brands as far as online shopping is concerned and no doubt, people check their site for the product availability on priority if they have to buy anything. But this time, Flipkart is caught doing something which has shocked people and you would repent if you ever purchased anything from them.

On June 3, an anonymous individual named Mani Sankar Sen posted this on Facebook with the screenshot:

“Dear Flipkart Team… When ever we think of online shopping, we definitely check your site first for the product availability. You have built huge brand value in India. But these incidents damage customers’ trust factor, as well as your brand value. Please see the picture attached…”

It’s a pair of ladies footwear that Flipkart makes available and that too, on a big bumper discount of “50% OFF”. According to Flipkart, the item’s MRP is Rs. 799 and after the huge reduction they offer, its price becomes Rs. 399, whereas if you take a look at the picture that magnifies the cost of the sandal as written on its strap is itself Rs. 399, so what money off has been done by Flipkart?

What’s more, the link was removed later on and on the site, you can find “Currently the product is not available anymore”! It’s no wonder that this picture has gone viral ever since.

What do you think now about buying anything not only from Flipkart but online? Isn’t it a disgraceful act on the part of Flipkart? Share your views in the comments section!
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