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How To Lock Your Personal Data In Password Protected Folder [Batch]

Step 1 :  Open notepad. [start > Program > accessories > notepad]

Step 2 :  Copy the following code in notepad which is in text area.

Step 3 :  Now Save this file with .bat extension. [e.g lock.bat]

Step 4 :  Double click on your file [lock.bat]

>>> Now you can see one folder name with "Secure"

Step 5 :  Move your personal data in this Folder (Secure)

>>> When you want to lock this folder [secure]. Just double click on batch file and you can see one window then type Y and hit Enter.

>>> Now you can see your folder [secure] is hide. When you want to access the data into the folder, then double click on batch file and Enter your password.

[default password is "errorcode401" , If you want to change your password then right click on batch file and Now Find "errorcode401" and replace it with your password. remember your password, because when you want to access this folder password is necessary]
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