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5 Reasons Why We Prefer WhatsApp Over Facebook Messenger

Today I will give you 5 reasons why we prefer WhatsApp over Facebook messenger. In the 21st century , where there are hundreds of options to communicate and number of applications to chat. But we only use the two most popular apps Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Well I know with so many options there comes confusion. But we all use these two applications or might have used at some or the other point.

There these two giants (Facebook & WhatsApp) of the same parent company competing with each other.

Whatsapp which has over 1 billion active users and 25 million people are downloading this application on daily basis and on the other hand where Facebook has about 1.23 billion users approximately around the world’s second  largest country  India’s population. But there are still some reasons that we really favor WhatsApp over Facebook messenger. Yes well! Whatsapp has a little extra preference than any other applications to communicate.  But why? Well I am sure you might be also using WhatsApp more than any other application. Let us discover why? Why is it so that WhatsApp has more preference.

Whatsapp gets an edge over advantage over Facebook messenger and is always right at the top of our favourite application’s list. Let us know what is so that contributes to the success of WhatsApp and gives an edge over advantage over Facebook messenger.

Following are the 5 reasons that why a user prefer to use Whatsapp over Facebook messenger.
  • Personal – WhatsApp can only use by the people if they are registered with their phone number on this application. So the use of this application is personal and you give your number only to those people who are close to them. Whereas on Facebook messenger you can communicate with anyone and any person can message you on this application. So there is no personal touch in this application. This is one of the primary reasons people prefer to switch over WhatsApp then facebook messenger.
  • Security – Security, very important phenomena to be focused on while chatting on this application. Every individual should focus on his/her security. Whatsapp offers ‘ end to end encryption’ and other facilities of privacy settings which a user can alter according to himself.
End to end encryption ensures the participants of the chat that once the data of their chat is been deleted from their phone then it is deleted forever and it is not stored on any server.

Whereas on facebook there is no such facility and you cannot hide your profile picture or anything using your privacy settings. So in terms of security whatsapp is way better then the facebook messenger as it ensures complete security to the user of the application.
  • Speed – Ever messaged a person and kept waiting for their reply? Or wondered if they really received the message or no? Well, this is the case for using Facebook messenger, you will not come to know the person was last online and there is the time that the person won’t even check the message for a longer time. If he/she is not using the Facebook messenger and instead using  normal Facebook.
But this is not the case with WhatsApp Messenger, you can check the last seen of the person and you will even come to know when the person read your message for the last time. Well you the speed of the WhatsApp is quick in comparison to facebook messenger

You can contact the person anytime you want without even waiting and you can even make voice calls, whereas it becomes a little difficult for the other application.
  • Real And No Fake People – The biggest advantage of having WhatsApp application is that you know that the people you are communicating with this application are real and not fake.
Whereas there are people on facebook messenger who are fake, there are a hell lot of a fake ids on facebook who may chat and pretend to be someone else.

So now the user is unaware if he is talking to a person in real or know. virtual life and space of the people may make them pretend to be anyone else and we should not trust them. There are many instances where people fall in the trap of fake profiles and ids by chatting with them on facebook messenger.

So again whatsapp has a point plus in this topic and you are 100 % sure that the person whom you are chatting with really does exists in reality.
  • Features – WhatsApp has an update every now and then and now it is become a one shop stop for all the users in the virtual market of applications. With features like voice calls, end to end encryption and broad cast messages and now sharing documents on this application, this is become like one of the best application for users. Whatsapp ensures safety as well it ensures complete privacy to the users. Facebook messenger has fewer features in comparison with WhatsApp. They do not have broad cast messages so a single user can not contact more than one user at a time. So he basically ends up wasting some extra time in copy pasting the messages.
On the other hand, WhatsApp provides the users to send one single message to a number of people at a time.

So that the audience of the user is not limited and they also d not waste time in copy pasting the message.

So this is the biggest reason that WhatsApp has more preference then facebook messenger.

So finally here are the 5 reasons why a person always goes for Whatsapp over facebook messenger.

Love for WhatsApp is never ending and that is so noticeable from the daily downloads the application has. These are the reasons that the Whatsapp application has a drastic growth in the user base and the company is even predicting to cross a billion profit in the next financial year. Facebook messenger is also used by people Which are comparatively less than the WhatsApp users.
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