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Top 10 Best PTC Sites | Legitimate Trusted Paid-To-Click Jobs

Paid Per Click Programs: Get Paid To Click!
The “paid to click” websites, shortened as “PTC“, are online business models that act as middlemen between advertisers and people aiming to earn money from home.

A part of the amount the advertisers pay for displaying ads goes to the viewer when he clicks the advertisement. Finding reliable paid click sites can be a real pain, but no worries, we’ve got you covered!

Welcome to our Top 10 Best PTC Site, avoid the scams, check the curated list of amazing Paid-To-Click websites I strongly recommend for earning money online and/or advertising your business.

#01 ClixSense:
ClixSense is online PTC advertising program, where, as a free member you can get paid for visiting ads, up to $0.02 for every website visited as well as for completing tasks and offers, playing games and referring others to the program. Clixsense is over 8 years old and paying PTC site, created by Steven Girsky (old owner) in February 2007. In May 2010 Clixsense changed ownership and was sold to Jim Grago. ClixSense is well managed and established PTC site, one of the most popular in the PTC world.

#02 GPTPlanet:
GPTPlanet is PTC program which is running on EvolutionScript script and it is owned and managed by the same owner of Scarlet-Clicks. GPTPlanet initially started as Aurora site, but later they switched to the EvolutionScript script and introduced some features from the Bux model, such as rented referrals and expensive upgrades. GPT PLanet offers you opportunity to earn extra money by viewing advertisements, completing signup offers or by referring others in your downline and earn a percentage of their earnings. GPT Planet has been online for since October 2010 and so far the site is doing well, paying on time and have no other major problems.

#03 Scarlet-Clicks:
Scarlet-Clicks is a PTC site that offers its members an opportunity to earn extra money online by viewing advertisements. Scarlet-Clicks has passed the test of time and has proved to be a stable and a paying site. It has been more than 7 years since the beginnings of Scarlet-clicks. So far the website has been paying without major issues. Initially Scarlet-Clicks started as an Aurora site, but later they switched scripts and introduced some features from the Bux model, such as rented referrals and expensive upgrades. Scarlet-Clicks will be placed on our Established PTC Sites list.

#04 Neobux:
Neobux is a Paid to Click advertising service that connects advertisers and potential customers from around the world. It is over 7 years old and paying PTC site, created on March 25, 2008 and it is the biggest paid to click service and one of the most successful. Although it started as a pure bux program, changes and additions were implemented to the business model through the years. Today, Neobux is well managed internet advertising company, a mixture between Real PTC, GPT and Bux site, and one of the leaders in the PTC industry.

#05 Clixten:
Clixten is over 3 years old Paid to Click program that pays its users for doing simple activities on their site, such as viewing advertisements, completing offers (PTSU and Offerwalls), watching videos or playing the grid game. In addition, they have a referral program, so users will earn click and upgrade commissions from the members they have referred to the site. Clixten currently is paying as per their terms of service. Initially Clixten was placed on our New Sites list and now after reaching one year of successful service, we are moving them to the Legit list.

#06 CliqueSteria:
CliqueSteria was launched on the 3 August 2016. Owner Nikolay Kosturkov from Bulgaria (CliqueBook) paid to click website. Steadily growing site with lots of active members (registered more 132,000) and Stable payments (Paid more $35,500). This site allows you to earn money at home. There are many ways to make money for free members do not require an investment of money. Also, this site will be a good choice to invest money. Admin has extensive experience in investment on many PTC sites. What enabled him to develop a stable plan for the development of this site.

#07 BuxP:
BuxP is an established PTC advertising service, sharing its revenue with its members for over 8 years. As a member of BuxP you can earn money online by clicking and viewing PTC ads, by watching video ads or completing different kind of offers and surveys. In addition to that, there is unlimited referral system in place that allows users to refer new members to the site and earn commissions from the activity of their recruits. In our opinion, BuxP is a reliable PTC service that is continuously paying without any major issues and it will be placed on our Established PTC Sites list.

#08 GrandClick:
GrandClick is a Paid to Click website where members can earn money online by viewing advertisements, completing offers, playing the grid game, watching videos, participating in contests or referring others to the site and earn a percentage of their earnings. GrandClick is being promoted on other sites as a new site from the owner of Northclicks and GlobalActionCash. To make things clear, GrandClick is not owned by the owner of those sites. The owner of GrandClick is Mihkel Einaste. He is co-admin (not owner) on NorthClicks and GlobalActionCash and he also owns TheBuxer.com. GrandClick has been paying for over 2 years with no major issues therefore we are moving them to the Legit list.

#09 EasyHits4U:
EasyHits4U is a popular traffic exchange program with over 850,000 members. This site is a 1:1 traffic exchange system. It helps members to promote their sites and affiliate/referral links from other programs. For each site you visit using their system you’ll receive one visitor back to your own website or referral link. Also, you will receive cash for active surfing at the rate of $0.30 for 1000 sites viewed and they pay $0.10 for every referred person who surfs 100 or more sites (one-time cash bonus for each referral).

#10 CashCamel:
Cashcamel is a PTC site running on Aurora script. It has proven to be a paying PTC which has been online for more than 4 years. It is typical Aurora site where users can click many low-click-rate ads. For advertisers, Cashcamel.net provides an opportunity to advertise their websites, affiliate links or products for very low prices. The advertising prices at Cashcamel are among the lowest in the PTC industry. 1000 link credits cost only $0.25! It’s even cheaper if you buy bigger amount of advertisement credits.
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