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How To Make Money From YouTube Using Google AdSense

Want to make money from YouTube? Is it really possible to make money online by uploading videos to youtube.com? Then answer is yes. Many people are earning handsome money from YouTube easily. In this article, we will share how to make money from YouTube using AdSense account. There are various other ways to earn money from YouTube but we will talk about the most popular way to make money from YouTube.

How do people make money from YouTube?
The very basic thing one requires is a good camera. If you have a camera which can shoot HD video then it will be great. Simply create a YouTube channel with your mail id and upload videos. But the tricky part is to get Google AdSense account approval. We will assume that you have your AdSense account with you. So anyone who has both things a good video recorder and AdSense account can easily make money from YouTube by uploading videos.

Steps to make money from YouTube using Google Adsense
  • Create a YouTube Account. Simply access YouTube with your Gmail access and create a channel.
  • You should have an Adsense account to monetize your video. If no then first you have to apply for Google Adsense account and get it approved.
  • Provide some logo and background image for your YouTube channel.
  • Go to upload video section in the top right side of YouTube. Click that button and upload your video.
  • While uploading provide relevant tags to your videos. Make sure you put all keywords related to that video. This is one of the basic tips to make money from YouTube videos.
  • Next, you have to access your AdSense account via YouTube partner program and link with your YouTube account.
  • Next, go to monetize video tab and select the default setting. Be careful while choosing the ad format, you should allow all sources of ads to show in your video to maximize your earning.
Now you can find AdSense ad while playing your videos and easily make money from YouTube.

How much can you make money from YouTube?

Now this question is always tricky as no one can tell how much one can earn. It depends on many factors actually. From where your majority of traffic is coming, in which niche you are uploading the videos, how much popularity your videos are getting etc. If you are getting huge traffic from UK, USA, Canada and uploading videos related to technology, finance related How to then you can easily get huge traffic as well high income.

What videos to upload in YouTube to make money online?
Starting a YouTube channel is almost similar to start a fresh blog. You have to choose one of the profitable niches in your country or anywhere. E.g. if you want traffic from every part of traffic then blogging niche, technology niche could be very profitable. Here find out few tips to create videos for YouTube and make money online easily
  • Try to shoot daily life how to guide, any tutorial which can make someone’s life easy.
  • If you have interest in gadgets then you can prepare un-boxing review videos. Or any mobile phone or electronic product in-depth video review.
  • If you love to travel then you can shoot various videos of your travel journey. Share useful tips related to visiting a place by a video.
  • Any videos which can aware people about your city can also be useful. Upload any meaningful videos to help people and make money from YouTube.
But while uploading any video you have to be very careful with the YouTube Terms & condition. You should not violate any copyright laws. In case videos are solely created by you then its 100% safe.

Any alternative to make money from YouTube via adsense
If you are looking to make money from YouTube without Google adsense partner program then you have to more creative and more aggressive. This is possible if you have a channel with high traffic.
  • You can easily share paid product reviews. Take money to review a product and upload that video.
  • Upload a demo video of your online training program and then ask people to join the main training course.
  • You can upload some creative videos to expose your expertise in any area. This way you may attract some company who require some people like you and indirectly get benefited from YouTube.
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