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Best Bitcoin PTC Sites - Earn Bitcoins By Viewing Ads

It is a fact that people who are earning online tend to spend 50% of their time on PTC (Paid-To-Click) sites. Why?. Three reasons:
  1. You do not need any specific skills to earn from PTC sites (just click ad, watch, and earn)
  2. As far as you have not invested anything and the site does not turn out to be a scam (95 out of 100 PTC sites), then there is no risk involved.
  3. Some people have the outstanding talent of getting referrals and people like these make full use of the referral programs offered by PTC sites.
Since last year there has been a considerable decrease in PTC sites paying in dollars, but since bitcoins became a sensation the focus has shifted to bitcoin PTC sites. As far as I can remember so far around 30 bitcoin PTC sites have been launched, but among these, only a handful are well-established, legit, and paying without any delay. In this article I am going to list top 5 bitcoin PTC sites based on my own experience:

1. BTCClicks
I think everyone is familiar with BTCClicks. They have a good reputation plus high click rates of around 1300 satoshis and to match that the referral commission is also high, around 1000 satoshis per referral click. Click rates is directly proportional to timer, more the time, more satoshis you will get. The site is easy to navigate and use, the new homepage design looks much more professional. You can upgrade your account to premium membership to earn 100% extra both on your clicks plus referral clicks. They also have renting referral option. Most importantly the payouts are instant through Xapo. Minimum payout is 0.1 mBTC.

2. BitsForClicks
BitsForClicks, formerly CoinAd is the oldest bitcoin PTC site. I would have added it to the top spot, but in the last couple of months their has been a considerable decrease in daily earnings, but that does not mean they are not good. They have paid over 409 bitcoins to 353 759 users, not taking into account their other high paying faucets. The click rate is around 500 satoshis, 10% referral commissions. The payouts are not instant, but why complain when there have been no delay so far. You will get paid once a week considering you have reached minimum payout threshold.

3. BTCVic
BTCVic is a well-established bitcoin PTC site. I believe most of the PTC hunters are not aware of this site, maybe because nothing much has been circulated about this site. Among popularity BTCVic might not challenge the above two sites, but as far as my experience goes they are really good. You will earn around 800 satoshis per click, 400 satoshis per referral click. The click and referral rates are above average with timely payouts.

4. CoinAdder
It is new PTC site that pays bitcoins and has very professional design. Clicks rates are not so high but around 400 satoshi. But as far as my experience goes they are really good. The click and referral rates are above average with timely payouts.

5. Ads4BTC
This is the newest bitcoin PTC site, very professional design. Click rates are very similar to that of BTCClicks. There are two payout options, direct to wallet or to Paytoshi account. This site has the potential to become next BTCClicks.

PTC sites are not an alternative for steady, reliable income, just passive income, but if you could get some direct referrals then they are definitely worth your time.
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