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How To Transfer Mobile Number To Another Network Of Different City

Have you just changed your city due to job purpose or any other reason and want to change your mobile network without changing the mobile number? Do you know that now you can keep your mobile number same in any city in India and switch to any mobile operator easily. National mobile number portability has been implemented now.

Mobile number portability or MNP is service is already a big hit among all mobile subscribers, as now you can switch to any of your preferred network without changing your existing number.

This is a very common problem we all face now a days, as due to many mobile phone operators some may provide good talk time offer, some might offer good 4G data plan or some may have good network coverage. So people started having multiple sim cards. But after MNP service enabled, you can easily change mobile operator without changing number. But before proceeding for the MPN you have to aware about the few facts about this service. We will discuss about them here including how to change mobile number to another network.

Before proceeding further, just let me tell you that, now the things can be in 2 ways.
  • Change mobile operator without changing number. You can switch to a new mobile service provider for better plans or better services.
  • Change mobile service provider circle without changing number. That means you can travel to a new city in India and keep the same mobile number without paying any roaming charges.
How To Change Mobile Operator Without Changing Number

The procedure is very simple indeed. Let’s say you want to change mobile operator keeping the same number from Vodafone to Airtel.
  • In such case visit your nearest Airtel service center to request for mobile number portability.
  • They will ask you to furnish an Identity proof and address proof, similar to applying for a new connection.
  • You have to furnish a recent passport size photograph as well.
  • In case of post paid customer, they might ask you to provide last 3 months bill. You also have to clear all out standings with the earlier operator.
  • Finally, fill up the form and submit.
  • Your connection will get disconnected for 1-2 days. This can vary depending up on the operators. Its better to ask the customer care guy.
Tho whole process is completely free so far.

FAQs Regarding Mobile Number Portability

Though this is a very common and widely used practice followed by many everyday, there are few things that you should know before approaching mobile number portability.
  • Now you can switch to any mobile operator within city or even in a different city by transferring the mobile operator circle as well.
  • You will be provided a new SIM card to use after activating your operator network and also choose new plans as per the current operator circle.
  • For post-paid customers, they have to use a minimum period with the current operator and then only they can change to another. Generally this period is 60 days. It can vary also, so better to clarify this before proceeding further.
  • Prepaid customers can not carry forward their talk-time balance to further. So its better to finish your talk-time first and then go ahead.
  • After switching to the new operator, you have to use 60 days to change to another network or go back to old network.
  • The best option is to visit or call to customer care of your target network operator and clear all your doubts before proceeding for mobile number portability.
Personally, I have changed my mobile operator circle, Airtel from previous state to new state. My number is same now, but the mobile plans I am using are of new state and localized, without switching to a new network.
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