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7 Tips To Buy Your First Laptop | Computer | Tablet

Are you buying a laptop or computer for the first time? Then you must check these article to know how to buy your first Laptop/PC. In the age of technology, it is really hard to think anything without a computer/laptop. Now a days everything you do has a link with your personal computer. It has become our best pal.

But with so many types of products (computer, laptop, tablets) it is really tough to decide which one should you buy, how much is the best price etc. This is a huge dilemma for everyone before buying a new computer.

You may buy it for your needs or to show your peer group with the latest model, if you have enough money. But whatever it is, you should know why you are buying the gadget and then only need to decide how much you can spend. Let’s discuss few points that we should think before buying a computer or laptop or a tablet.

How To Buy Your First Laptop/Computer/Tablet?

#01 Most of us buy a tablet or laptop just to own it with all the latest features in it. And later on, they might end up with just browsing internet, watching movies, storing photos etc. If this is your requirement, then no need to spend such a huge amount for the latest trendy laptops. You can go for a basic tablet or even a smartphone can serve this purpose.

#02 Now if your requirement is same as first point and you are a person who loves to travel but do not want to spend much money then you can go for a laptop. In that case, you can go for a basic laptop with smaller screen size which will save your money.

#03 If you love to play high graphics computer games then you can buy a desktop computer with all hardware support. Similar setup can cost you more in case of a laptop. That again depends on how you like to spend. But if you are a student and want to play games, experiment on software then better to go for a desktop only.

#04 Among all features and hardware, try to concentrate more on RAM and hard drive rather than other things. A larger RAM can help you to operate many things at the same time. Don’t compromise on money from RAM point of view.

#05 If you are going to purchase a laptop, then it is better to buy your first laptop with operating system and other necessary software.  Otherwise, they will cost you more if you purchase a DOS laptop. And using pirated versions may serve your needs but this might create many issues in your laptop later on.

#06 For a desktop computer, instead of going with a particular brand you can assemble a complete PC. This will save half of your money. But again this depends on you, how passionate you are about brands.

#07 Before deciding your product do a complete research online and offline regarding the price. For such type of gadgets, there is no fixed price. So you may get various discounts and free gifts from various seller. Try to find out the best and go for it.

Hope this small article will help you to decide how to buy your first laptop/tablet/computer. These are some simple points that I have considered before buying my HP laptop. However, there might be many more technical things that you can also look for.
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