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Top 5 Best Media Player For Android

For the year 2018, I am glad to share the best media player for the android devices. Smartphones have transformed as an essential product that we use in our day-to-day life, as a result apps count in the play store is increasing continuously. It has become a difficult task to select the best android apps for our device. Here we have listed the best android media (video) players for 2018. Though there are a lot of media player apps available for android phone, it is necessary to have the best android app to be installed on your android smartphone. We recommend you not to root your android device (phone) because it will become more venerable to virus and more chances of being hacked increase.
With the help of these top 5 media player, you can be able to watch almost all the video formats like AVI, MP4 and many other HD formats smoothly and easily without any hassle. We have already tested these media player apps in various android mobiles and tablets which will turn your android phone into the mobile theater.

Which is the best video player for android in 2018?
Here I will introduce the most popular and best media player for android devices with their pros and cons. I recommend you to install any one among these best android video player for better and smooth video playback in your smartphone.

#1. MX Player

In the play store, MX player is the top best android video player for the android device. The best part of it is that it comes in paid as well as in free version. In the free version, they will show you some ads but it will get disappeared when you upgrade it to pro version. MX player is the best payer which has all the features that a video player must have. It is also best for the android tablets as well in which you can watch HD movies smoothly.

Features Of Mx Video Player:
  • Great playback, MX player is the Top line one among the best video player for android which can play any video format that you threw to your smartphone.
  • Network streaming is supported which makes it stands first.
  • Great onscreen control feature makes it top. ex: Long press to Zoom while playing videos.
  • Best audio boost among all best video player for android.
  • Almost all the Subtitles are supported which makes it premium.
  • Need to Download the Manual Codec for some kind of video playbacks like Videos with DTS Audio.etc

#2. VLC For Android

VLC media player is a giant media player since most of them are aware of this player. Earlier it was for the desktop and laptop but later on, it has been introduced for the android device too. It is one of the best android media players for your smartphone. VLC video player supports all video format and all subtitles and many features like onscreen control and lock options.

Features Of VLC Video Player:
  • Capable of playing all video and audio formats.
  • Onscreen controls like brightness, volume etc.
  • Onscreen lock for accidental pause or stop a video from playing.
  • No codec installation required for video playbacks.

#3. BS Player

BS player is the another best video for android device. Features like gestures support and best user-interface make it premium and stand it among the best media player for android. We recommend you the BS player as the great player alternative for both MX and VLC media player.

Features Of BS Player:
  • Hardware Acceleration for Smooth video playback with less battery consumption.
  • All video formats supported for Clatter free playback.
  • Create and manage your playlists with this best video player for android.
  • Automatic Download the required Subtitles over WiFi or Mobile data.
  • Using BS player you can Play videos from uncompressed RAR files.
  • Video streaming supported from YouTube.

#4. Dice Player

Another great Android video player which let make your overall video playback experience better and Smoother. Dice Player is a best android video player and Suites great for MKV video formats. Great for Low-end smartphones. Which is considered as best for Multitasking.

Features Of Dice Player:
  • Supports all Video formats and Subtitles.
  • Fits perfectly for low-end smartphones.
  • Best video player for android 2017.
  • Hardware acceleration for Smooth video playback.
  • Basic video player for Android with well designed and great functions.
  • POP-UP tray for seamless Multitasking. ( Best feature )
  • The pop-up can be re-sized or moved anywhere over the Screen while running any other app.

#5. Mobo Video Player

Best media player for android which is great for both playing online and offline videos. It offers stable video playback option with the variety of video formats and subtitles with hassle-free. With features, this app stands one among these best video player for android.

Features Of Mobo Player:
  • Steady Video playback for Both Online and Offline.
  • All video formats and Subtitles are Supported.
  • Great User Interface ( UI ) for easier navigation.
  • Library Management feature.
  • Floating Window for Easier Multitasking benefit.
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