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LINKILIKE Review: Earn Real Money By Sharing Campaign On Social Media

Hello friends, recently I came across a wonderful site which pay you only for sharing their campaign on your social media profile. This wonderful money making site pays you an average 0.35€ to 0.45€ only for sharing their contents on your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr. I have already tried this site my own and find that this site is not a Scam but Real. It also offers referral program through which it pays you commissions for every referral links through which your friends joins LINKILIKE. You can earn for every campaign you share on your social media profile.


LINKILIKE is a seeding tool for the automated distribution of web content. Therefore, it distributes videos, images, apps and web links for well-known brands and agencies in social media. They are a young company based in Linz/Austria and in collaboration with renowned research institutes, it developed a system, to distribute content with the touch of Word-of-Mouth advertising “WoM”.

The basic principle is targeted seeding of the right message in the right social medium and the use of the effect of viral, independent distribution. At the same time, authenticity plays a crucial role for the acceptance and success of the campaigns.

You can earn an amount by sharing a campaign (Video, Images, Apps and Web Links) on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Tumblr profile. The amount you earn will always be different and varies from 0.20€ and 1.44€ per campaign. The first thing you have to do is to register on this website [Click Here To Register].

The remuneration for participating in campaigns is different from campaign to campaign. The minimum amount for payout request is 10 euro. You can share campaigns as often as you like, but you will only get the remuneration once for every campaign. In addition, you can spread a campaign in your various social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr), but the remuneration is given only for sharing a campaign in the first channel.

Referral Program My Recommendation Tree

"My Recommendation Tree" has four levels.
LINKILIKE offers you the possibility to improve your earnings by a commission. You have the possibility to recommend LINKILIKE to friends and you get a commission from your recommendations - down to the 4th level.The 1st Level is people who you recommended directly, the 2nd Level is people who got recommended by your 1st Level etc.The commission will always be calculated by the remuneration of the respective users in your recommendation tree.You get a commission of:

  • 5% of the user of the 1st level
  • 4% of the user of the 2nd level
  • 3% of the user of the 3rd level
  • 2% of the user of the 4th level

As you can see. It pays off to recommend LINKILIKE. BTW: It is a good strategy to recommend a lot of people for your 1st Level, like that your recommendation tree is filling up a lot faster!!

How To Earn Money From LINKILIKE?

To earn money from LINKILIKE you have to register an account with them here. You can Sign Up either by using your Facebook account or by using your email id. To Register or Sign Up with your email id you have to provide your First Name, Last Name, Email, Create Password, Location, Gender and By Connecting At Least One Social Channel and lastly verifying you are not a Robot and clicking on the FINISH SIGN UP button.

Now go to your email account registered with LINKILIKE and open the email received from LINKILIKE and click on the email verification link to verify your email id and account.

After signing up or registering your email id with LINKILIKE and creating your new account with them, you first have to fill up and complete your profile and interest in the account section [Settings]. Also, you have to fill up the questionnaires asked in the Settings. According to which you will receive the campaign to share on social media profile.

Completing the profile and verifying your email id will make you the registered member and account holder of LINKILIKE service. This will follow to provide you with the campaign according to your interest to be shared on the social profile.

As soon as you share the campaign you will receive the compensation amount for that campaign and that amount will be added to your earning account section. The minimum payout is 10 euro to PayPal account. You can withdraw the minimum amount of 10 euro to your PayPal account. For this, you have to give them the PayPal account email id so that they can send you the money at the given email id.

To receive money from LINKILIKE you should have a Paypal account. The amount received in the PayPal will be sent to your linked bank account within one week. You can learn here how to create PayPal account and attached your bank account with it. It will take a maximum of 14 days to transfer money from LINKILIKE to your bank account.

How To Share The Campaign On Social Media Profile?

Now, you have to login into your LINKILIKE account using your email id and password created with LINKILIKE account.

Then go to campaigns. There you will find the campaigns and click on the share button to share the campaign. It will take you to the page where the start date and end date of the campaign are shown. First, they will ask you to click on the given link and that link will open a new page about the campaign that you are about to share. So that you can know 'what the campaign is about?' and 'what you are going to share?'.

Before you share the campaign you have to write few words about the campaign. That words can be anything like 'it is good to hear', wonderful thought about', 'it will change the world' etc.
As you share the campaign it will be shown on your social media profile.

Note: To share the campaign on your social profile you first have to merge or connect your social profile with the LINKILIKE account.


Why are my answers to the questionnaire no longer displayed?

If your profile status reads COMPLETE, it means that you have filled in all parts of the LINKILIKE questionnaire. Your answers won't be displayed in your LINKILIKE profile anymore, in order for you to answer it as authentic as possible without being influenced by your old answers.

How does PayPal.Me work?

PayPal.Me is a new service from PayPal, which allows users to handle online banking transfers faster and more safely. LINKILIKE wants to offer its users the fastest and safest service available, that's why it is now possible to request payouts with PayPal.Me.

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