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How To Share Mobile Internet With PC/Laptop Using USB Cable

Hello Friends, Today I’m posting about how to share mobile Internet with PC/Laptop. This trick is really helpful you when you want an Internet connection to the PC, but there is no device available, but don’t worry if you have any smartphone [android] there is feature call USB Tethering by using you can share your mobile internet just by connecting the USB cable without any setting or software just on the USB Tethering and use the Internet on your Laptop or PC. And you can do this on any operating system [Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Fedora, any Linux].

How To Use USB Tethering?

Step 1: Go to Settings. And click on more in Wireless & Networks.
Step 2: Now you will find USB Tethering.
Step 3: Now connect your device using data cable.

Step 4: Now you find in USB tethering (USB connected).
Step 5: Click on USB Tethering and share your mobile internet with PC.

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