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How To Get Approved From Google AdSense?

Every website owners or bloggers, who are trying to make some money, is very much eager to get the approval of Google AdSense because it is one of the fail-safe methods to make a good and steady income if you have enough traffic to your web pages.

Bur getting the approval of Google AdSense is not easy and it is also a difficult effort if you do not have the necessary guidance about how to maintain the standard of your web pages before applying. Again, applying for Google AdSense is very easy, but getting the approval is difficult.

The fact is that if you have a good site with original contents and enough traffic, Google will easily approve your application. But nobody knows what are the exact criteria of getting the approval Google AdSense are? For getting advance information, read this guidelines ‘Before you apply to AdSense’, published by Google.

Guidelines To Get Google AdSense Account Approved

In the above mentioned article, you will get the necessary information that you should follow to make your webpages eligible for the approval Google AdSense. In short, the estimated requirements to apply for getting Google AdSense are the following:

  • You should have a valid URL where you have complete authority to make necessary changes in the javascript. You cannot apply for some others webpages, even if you are the main contributor. You can apply for Google AdSense even if you are using a sub-level domain like www.yourblog.blogspot.com.
  • Your webpages should be an active one and it should have some good traffic to get the approval Google AdSense. In some cases (for the applications from some selected countries), Google specified that the website/blog should be active for the past six months.
  • The contents of the webpages should be original and should not be copied from anywhere, even in part. The contents should be presented without spelling and grammatical mistakes and they should be useful to the readers. Google always promotes the activities of the webpages which are supplying innovative information to the audience.
  • You should have to give your personal details also, along with the website/blog URL for applying Google AdSense. This information should be correct and same as the information you have given in your website/blog. Google will verify your address before sending the first payment. So give valid and accurate details.
  • Do not apply for Google AdSense account in a hurry immediately after you have published your new website/blog. You should patiently wait till the site/blog acquire enough contents and traffic before applying. Google does not specify any number of pages of blog posts for their approval, but it is a fact that you will not get the approval before you have enough contents in your webpages. The number of pages or blog posts depends on the quality and nature of your contents.
  • You should not use any content or picture that cannot be viewed by all categories of people. Websites or blogs made for affiliate businesses or for multi-level marketing businesses will not get the approval of Google AdSense.

The above tips will give you an insight about how to get the approval of Google AdSense. Follow the guidelines above and wait patiently; you will get the approval of Google if you are able to satisfy their requirements. After getting the approval of the Google AdSense, you have to observe the terms and conditions of Google strictly or you will lose your account forever. If your AdSense account is suspended by the Google, practically it is impossible to get it back. So be careful in dealing with Google AdSense, before applying and after you get the approval also.
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