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How Much Can You Earn From Digitize India Platform? (FAQ)

Hello, Friends! Few days back, we published an article on this website regarding Digitze India Platform. In that article, we talked about how you can earn money from Digitize India Platform. The article got a good response and soon people started to ask us various questions regarding Digitize India Platform like many people asked how much can they earn from Digitize India Platform.

After getting such a huge response, we decided to answer all the most asked questions here in this post.

So, starting with the all-time favourite, How much can I earn from Digitize India Platform?

How Much Can You Earn Using Digitize India Platform?

Many people ask the same question: How much is 1 point worth in Digitize India Platform?

The answer to both of those question is that there is no direct conversion provided by Digitize India Platform official documentations. But let me answer this by my personal experience. While testing this platform, I worked for almost 30-40 minutes. I completed 3000+ snippets with a speed of 35 and an accuracy of 90. When I redeemed those points, I received Rs. 60 in my bank account.

If you do a simple maths here you may conclude that 1 point = 2 paise. To put it differently, 2500 points = Rs. 50 (because 2500 is the minimum payout limit).

But again, this may not be same for everyone. As I said I worked with a speed of 35 and accuracy of 90. You may do it with a greater speed or accuracy or you may do it with a lower speed and accuracy. Hence, I personally feel that conversion is based on your speed and accuracy also but you can expect to earn Rs. 50 for every 2500 points. And earning Rs. 50 in 30 minutes isn’t a bad deal either!

Earn From Digitize India Platform: Rewards Are Not Updated On Dashboard?

Many people asked this question that they have worked on the platform for some time but their dashboard still shows zero points. If you are also facing the same problem then let me tell you that it takes a minimum of 12 hours for the points to reflect in the dashboard. Sometimes due to heavy load, it may take more than that, but it is completely normal.

How To Link Aadhaar Card To Bank Account?

To earn from Digitize India Platform, you need to register. When registering for Digitize India Platform, they ask for Aadhaar card number. They don’t ask for any bank account number or bank details. When you redeem your points, payment is sent to the bank account that is linked to that aadhaar card. Now, in order to accept payments, your aadhaar must be linked to your bank account.

If you have net banking enabled, you can link your aadhaar card to your bank account easily. If you don’t have net banking enabled, you may need to visit your branch to get your aadhaar linked with your bank account.

How Many Days Does It Take To Receive Payments After Points Are Redeemed On Digitize India Platform?

This is another important question that people ask. Let me answer this question with my personal experience. After redeeming my points on Digitize India Platform, I received the payment after 12 days. So, I suggest you to wait for at least 12-15 days before you receive your payment. Also note that if you redeemed your points any month, you can’t redeem more points during the same month because the payment is made once per month if you have minimum 2500 points.

Snippets Have Exhausted?

There is a time when you will see this message being displayed, “Snippets have exhausted”. The message is displayed when many people are doing the work and the speed at which new work is uploaded is less than its rate of consumption. When you encounter such situation, there is no other way except to wait till new snippets are uploaded.

These were some top questions that people asked us about earning with Digitize India Platform. Hope these answers help you. If you have any other questions, feel free to comment them below. We will try our best to answer them.
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