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Delhi Metro Introduces Smart Watches | All You Need To Know

New Delhi, June 22: Delhi Metro Railway Corporation (DMRC) has introduced a smart watch to make your travel completely hassle free. The smartwatch will act as a smart card and can be used as entry and exit pass.

The DMRC has partnered with an Austrian company for the scheme. This company will manufacture the watch. These watches will be called Watch2Pay and are available online on an online commerce website. DMRC said in a statement that the consumer will just have to touch the screen to metro gates for entry and exit.

These watches, called Watch2Pay, are available through an online e-commerce site. The new facility is expected to provide commuters with a more convenient and faster access to the Delhi Metro network. The computer will simply have to touch the watch to the screens of the AFC [Automatic Fare Collection] gates at the metro stations to get access, said a DMRC statement.

According to reports, the DMRC smart watches are priced Rs 6,000 per year. It will have a small sim card inside and could be recharged like a normal smart card. It doesn't require a mobile network to function. The sim card can be inserted and taken out easily. It can keep the travel hassle free.
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