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Top 3 Get Paid To Sites To Make Instant Cash Online

Get paid to sites are one of the most popular ways to make money online by trading your time with the offers available on these sites. There are various websites that offer a complete platform for such get paid to offers where you can spend few of your online hours and complete out the tasks allotted to you. There are sites that would pay you to test out games that still in beta phase. You could play the game and give out the improvement suggestions and any possible bugs.

Then you could fill out online surveys and forms and get paid in return. So these top get paid to websites have all of such offers at one place. You could join few of these top ones and find your way to online success.

As with all of these sites, you sign up and start browsing through various offers and deals. The can pick out the once that you like and start working on them and you would notice your due payout amount rising up. These sites often pay via Paypal or cheque, as being one of the most popular ways of online transactions.

So below are the top 3 websites that would pay you to complete various offers.

Cashcrate is a very popular website that is totally legit and has been paying their clients/users from a very long time. Their system is very clear and neat. You earn points that you can use to win non-cash prizes.

You can read out their FAQs for more information.

With survey scout, you get some really decent paybacks when it comes to deciding between these get paid to sites. Survey Scout specializes in:
  • Take online surveys and make from $1 to $15, or more
  • Participate in focus groups and make up to $100 a day
  • Take phone surveys and you can earn as much as $10 and hour
  • Try new products (and keep the free products too)

Points2Shop is another very popular sites with over 2 million users who have been earning pretty decent amount of money online via get paid to services. Points2Earn have paid over $4,179,044 till now, which is indeed a huge achievement.

Though there are other various websites that offer get paid to services, but the above ones are solid and have been satisfying their users to a great extent.
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