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Earn Money Online With Clixsense | Online Home Income

Earn Money Online In The Next 10 Mins

Introducing Clixsense
Online & Paying Since 2007
4.5 Million Members
Clixsense is a website which pays you for completing simple tasks online.

Today you will learn how you can make some money online without any investment. You can make money with not just with your desktops, laptops but with smart phones too. The genuine and easy way of making some extra money with your smart phone or desktop by using legit PTC (Paid To Click) site.
This doesn't require any special skills or any qualification. Just by investing about 30-60 minutes a day on Internet, you can make $1-$100 everyday depending upon how fast and accurately you can work. Now, you can see the procedure in video or read the explained simple steps shown below. This will help you understand what exactly you have to do.

Step 1:
Registration link - Clixsense

Step 2:
  • Enter your First Name and Last Name.
  • Enter your valid e-mail ID.
  • Choose the User Name and Password of your choice. Make sure you remember your User Name and Password, because in future you will have to use these information to Sign In into your account.
  • Agree their Terms and Conditions and click Sign Up now.
  • Now you are successfully  registered to Clixsense.
  • Login into Clixsense and fill your profile and Payment Method.
Step 3:
How can you make money on this website, there are basically 5 ways to make money with Clixsense.
  • View Ads: Click PTC ads by Viewing them under “view ads” section on top of the page. You can see various ads ranging from $0.001-$0.02. Micro ads which last for 3 sec will pay $0.001 and ads which last for 30 sec will pay $0.01 each.
  • Take surveys: This is a section wherein you will find Online Survey, Pay depends on Your Survey type and you can Earn Per survey $0.50 To $5.
  • Complete Offers: Completing offers is one of the best way to make money on Clixsense. Most of the offers are just simple sign ups, these offers range from $0.1-$10.
  • Do Simple Tasks: Tasks are also a good way of making money on Clixsense. These tasks range from $0.01-$3 depending upon the availability. You will find different type of tasks in this category which will get updated regularly
  • Play Clixgrid Game: This is a game where you select grid to win instant prices. You have 50 chances in a day to select different grids. The maximum you can win in this game is $5.
Step 4:
Once you earn over $8 in Clixsense, you can request for the payment from your hardly earned online job. There are basically 4 ways to receive payments from Clixsense.
  • Paypal
  • Tango Card
  • Paytoo
  • Netller
There is one more option “international check”, this payment method is only for USA and Canada members.

Tips: Try to complete the check list everyday to receive 16% bonus in online jobs on daily earnings. This includes the following.

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