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The Admin Of This Blog Is A Qualified Engineer In The Electrical And Electronic Department. Still, He Is Fond Of Blogging Technical Stuff Either Related To Computer Or Real World Electronics. He Truly Enjoys Blogging And Found It As A Passion To Him. He Spends Most Of The Time In Playing Around Technical Stuff And Giving Its Reviews. The Most He Enjoy Giving Important Reviews And Daily Life Technical Hacks And Doing Write-Ups On What Learned To Develop Himself As Well As Share The Innovative Findings With Others. Apart From Experimenting With Technology, He Has A Great Passion For Celebrity Fashion And Their Life Updates (Found On Side Blog).

Amit Chauhan – Founder

I Noticed That While I Attempted To Learn Blogging And Computer Security, I Found It Difficult To Find A Starting Place. The World Of Computer Security Is Vast, Complex And I Felt Like I Needed To Find Something Manageable To Start With. So I Started This Blog To Spread The Common Knowledge Among Them. I Post All Important Stuff Related To Daily Life Either It Is Technical Or Not.
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